VAT Returns

In general, if your business supplies goods over €75,000 per year or services over €37,500, you must register for VAT, unless the service/goods you provide are exempt from VAT.

Once registered, you must file VAT3 returns with Revenue every two months, every four months or every six months depending on the size of the business.

A VAT Return of Trading Details form must also be filed each year and contains a summary of your sales and purchases for the year at each VAT rate.

VAT can be complex for those with no experience of it and errors can prove very costly.

We provide a VAT service to clients where we:

  • advise them of the correct VAT to charge on their products or services
  • review their bookkeeping records to ensure VAT is being correctly accounted for
  • advise them of their options for correcting VAT errors with Revenue
  • prepare and file the regular VAT3 returns
  • prepare and file the annual VAT Return of Trading Details

If you need assistance with VAT compliance, contact us today on 021 240 9120 or

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