Reward your employees tax free benefits

The Small Benefits Exemption Scheme allows an employer to provide an employee with a small benefit tax free each year. These tax free benefits are frequently paid at Christmas, and so the scheme is sometimes known as the Christmas bonus scheme.

Prior to October 2015, each benefit was capped at €250, but now it extends to €500. Both full-time and part-time employees are eligible for the benefit.

Terms and conditions of tax free benefits

  • The benefit must not exceed €500.
  • The benefit must not be in the form of cash. For this reason vouchers are traditionally given. Such vouchers must be used to purchase goods and services and cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Only the first benefit each year will qualify for the exemption.
  • Unused benefit allowance in one year cannot be carried over into the next year.

If a benefit exceeds €500, the full value of the benefit is subject to tax, USC and PRSI. For example if a €600 voucher is given, the full €600 should be included as a benefit in kind on payroll and the relevant tax, USC and PRSI calculated.

If two benefits are received during the year, only the first one will qualify for the exemption.  As an example, if an employee receives a €100 voucher in May, and a €400 voucher in December, only the €100 will qualify for the exemption and €400 should be subject to tax, USC and PRSI.

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Updated 26/03/19

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The Fidelia Team

4 thoughts on “Reward your employees tax free benefits

  1. Mark McConnell Reply

    Presumably if 2 sets of vouchers are bought during the year, each for a different director/employee of the company, the BIK exemption is applicable

    • Orla Linehan Reply

      Hi Mark,

      As long as it is one voucher per person per year and the voucher is for €250 or less, then the exemption is applicable.

      Best regards,


  2. David Tagney Reply

    Hi Orla,

    Does the employer have to be a limited company or can a sole trader or partnership avail of this Small Benefits Exemption Scheme also. Obviously sole trader/partnership would need to be registered as an employer.



    • Orla Linehan Post authorReply

      Hi David,

      Thanks for your comment. The employer can be a sole trader or partnership. Note that the benefit must be provided to an employee (and not the sole trader him/herself or one of the partners in a partnership).

      Best regards,


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