PRSI and Pension Entitlements

The Contributory State Pension is a social insurance payment made to you weekly when you reach retirement age (66 years or over) and is based on your social insurance (PRSI) record.  To qualify for this Contributory State Pension, you must have started paying social insurance before reaching age 56 and paid at least 520 full rate insurance contributions.  You must also satisfy yearly average rates of contributions depending on age and employment.

Why contribute for this State Pension ?

The more contributions you pay towards the Contributory State Pension, the more you receive on a weekly rate when you retire.  And by checking now that you are eligible for the higher weekly rate, you will have peace of mind that your retirement pension is at the most you can receive.  The Contributory State Pension is not means-tested, but the Non-Contributory State Pension is.

Service we Provide:

The Department of Employment Affairs & Social Protection cannot provide information on future pension entitlements or advise on pension planning enquiries.  This is where we can help.  We will review your social insurance (PRSI) record, and assess if you qualify for the Contributory State Pension.  If you do not qualify, we will be able to advise you on possible pension planning options.  For example, you may qualify to make voluntary rate contributions.  All you have to do is obtain a copy of your social insurance record, and we will do the rest.  See below instructions for obtaining your record.

Obtaining your social insurance (PRSI) record:

You can request a copy of your social insurance record by registering on and then requesting the record at

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