At Fidelia Chartered Accountants, we’re committed to the positive change from a paper-filled profession to a paperless one.

In the digital age, excessive paperwork is a major hindrance. When everything is on paper, searching for specific documents is a time-consuming process. It’s expensive and wasteful, too: sending forms in the post eats up a lot of stamps and envelopes.

In a paperless office, searching for documents, however old or infrequently used, takes a matter of seconds, and forms can be signed within minutes online. This level of organisation eliminates delays in our work for you; delays that are still part of everyday life for an office using paper.

An accountant relying on paper might use up a week or more just sending out an important contract to be signed, and waiting for it to be returned in the post – and always with that niggling fear of mail going missing. At Fidelia, it’s a secure online process that only takes a minute.

If you need to submit documents to us – while we prepare your tax return, for example – this, too, can be done online in seconds. Everything is streamlined at a paperless accountancy.

Contact us today, and discover all the benefits of a fully modernised accounting experience.