Limited Company

A limited company is a separate legal entity from its owners and employees. It is managed by its directors and owned by its shareholders. For many micro companies in Ireland, the shareholders and directors are the same people.

We provide company formation services to get your company up and running and registered for taxes. If you currently trade as a sole trader or partnership, we can advise you on how to transfer to a limited company.

As well as the usual VAT and PAYE compliance, limited companies must also run payroll for the directors, file annual corporation tax returns and an annual return to the Companies Registration Office (CRO). Generally, owner/directors must also file annual income tax returns.

We work with many micro to medium companies to:

  • advise them of their deadlines
  • advise them of tax reliefs
  • assist them with their tax and CRO compliance by preparing and filing the necessary returns
  • ensure that the salaries the directors extract from the business are tax efficient
  • provide support for routine queries that arise

If you are interested in our limited company services, call us today on 021 240 9120 or email Orla Linehan at

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