Do you have rental income from a residential property? Or income from an Airbnb or holiday let? If so, you are obliged to complete an annual income tax return and pay income tax on your rental profits.

We can help you to complete your income tax return and minimise your tax liabilities. We have a checklist to gather all the information we need from you. We have experience in preparing rental accounts so we ensure you are have included all relevant expenses. We liaise with you to ensure you are claiming all your tax credits and reliefs, including rent a room relief. To give you peace of mind, we notify you of your filing deadlines and what you need to pay and when.

Remember that you may need to register for VAT if your income from short term lettings, such as Airbnb and holiday lets, are over €37,500. If registered, the VAT on short term lettings is currently 9%. We can assist you with registration and VAT returns if required.

If you are changing accountant, we provide a seamless transition, where we deal with all the paperwork.

To get more information on our income tax services contact us today on 021 240 9120 or email Orla Linehan on

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