What is JobsPlus?

JobsPlus is an incentive that rewards employers with regular payments for recruiting people who have been out of work for 12 months or more.

How much do employers receive for each person recruited?

A grant of €7,500 will be paid to the employer over two years for the following categories of jobseeker:

  • Jobseekers under 25 years of age, who have been on the live register for at least 4 months (104 days) in the previous 6 months.
  • Jobseekers over 25 years of age, who are on the live register and have been unemployed for at least 12 months (312 days) in the previous 18 months.
  • People who used to get the One-Parent Family Payment, whose youngest child is 7 or older, who transferred to the live register and are now getting Jobseekers Allowance Transitional Payment (no qualifying periods applies).
  • People with refugee status who are getting Jobseekers Allowance (no qualifying period applies).

A grant of €10,000 will be paid to employers over two years for the following categories of jobseeker:

  • Jobseekers over 18 years of age, who are on the live register and have been unemployed at least 24 months (624 days) in the previous 30 months.

What employers can avail of the scheme?

Employers who are registered as a PAYE employer in the:

  • Private,
  • Semi-state,
  • Community,
  • Not-for-profit or,
  • Voluntary sectors.

Is the money received taxed?

No, the receipts are not subject to tax.

What kind of employment must be provided?

Full time employment of over 30 hours per week spread out over at least four days a week.

Employee must be on the payroll and subject to PAYE and PRSI.

How do I apply for the initiative?

  1. Log on to www.jobsplus.ie and complete the online application form.
  2. The Department of Social Protection will review the application and inform you of their decision
  3. Once reviewed, contact employment services to search for suitable candidates for the position open at your business.
  4. The successful candidate will log on to www.jobsplus.ie and request a JP1 form.
  5. They will be sent a JP1 form which he/she will bring to you, the employer.
  6. You complete one half of the form, sign it and send it back to the Department.

The Department will notify you if the application has been successful.

What if the application is unsuccessful?

You can request a review of the decision from a higher officer in the Department.

To register your company or for more information visit:

All of the information above was acquired from www.welfare.ie.


Updated 27/03/19

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