Jobseeker’s Benefit for the self-employed

Jobseeker’s Benefit for the self-employed is a new scheme available to the self-employed, based on their self-employment PRSI contributions (Class S) who are no longer engaged in self-employment.

The duration of the benefit varies depending on those PRSI contributions. For those with contributions of 260 or over, it will last up to 9 months. For those with few that 260 PRSI contributions, it will be 6 months.

The scheme came into effect on Friday 1st November 2019. According to Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection, Regina Doherty, T.D.:

“This new benefit entitlement will support the owners of small and medium-sized businesses, who are the backbone of the economy. This measure creates more fairness in our system of supports for those who create jobs for others and is in line with this Government’s policy of supporting self-employment and entrepreneurship.”

As according to, to qualify for this entitlement you must:

  • Be under pension age (currently 66)
  • Satisfy the PRSI contribution conditions
  • Not be engaged in self-employment
  • Be capable of working and available for full-time work
  • Be genuinely seeking work
  • Prove unemployment in the prescribed manner

You can work as an employee for up to 3 days a week and still receive this benefit for the remaining days, as long as you are available for full-time work.

To apply for this benefit, download and complete this form and submit it to your local Intreo Centre or Branch Office.

More information on this entitlement and eligibility is available at’s-Benefit-Self-Employed.aspx

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