Enhanced reporting requirements (ERR)

From 1 January 2024, employers will be required to report details of certain non-taxable payments made to employees and directors.

Where you make one or more of the three payment types below, you must submit the details using Revenue Online Service (ROS). This submission must be made by you on, or before, the payment date to the employee.

• Small benefit exemption
• Remote Working daily allowance
• Travel and subsistence

For example, before you pay mileage to a director, pay a working from home credit or give a gift voucher to a team member, you need to log on to ROS and record the details. It is not enough to record the information on a payslip. There is a separate system to enter these details on ROS.

Employers will need systems in place to manage the timely reporting to Revenue.

When you log into ROS, you’ll be able to manually submit the details to fulfil these Enhanced Reporting Requirements. The level of detail required will vary for each of the three payment types. Please see Revenue’s website for more information.

Revenue is currently engaging with 3rd party software providers to develop software to manage the process more easily.

Revenue have confirmed that ERR is just ‘phase one’ of a planned expansion of reporting requirements for employers, so we can expect more news in the future.

You can read more at the Revenue website.

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