Corporation Tax Return

Every year a company must file a Corporation Tax Return with Revenue. The Corporation Tax return is due 8 months and 23 days after the company’s accounting year end.

The return includes a summary of the company’s accounts for the year and calculation of tax due.

For most companies, preliminary Corporation Tax must be paid in the month before the company’s year-end date. The balance of Corporation Tax is paid when submitting the Corporation Tax return.

We review the return to ensure you are claiming all relevant expenses and reliefs, such as the relief for startups or the R&D credit.

If you have any Corporation Tax queries, we can provide expert advice on a consultancy basis as and when required..

Changing accountants? We provide a seamless transition from your previous accountant, where we look after all the paperwork.

If you want more information on our corporation tax service, please contact us today on 021 240 9120 or email Orla Linehan at

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