Corporation Tax Return

If you are a proprietary director of company, you must register with the Revenue Commissioners for Corporation Tax on your company’s behalf.  You are obliged to file a form CT1 Corporation Tax return on behalf of your company, annually. Year End Accounts must be completed in order to file the CT1 for corporation tax.

We provide expert advice if you are obliged to file a Corporation Tax return, by completing Year End Accounts, filing the CT1 & the B1 to Companies Registration Office, annually.  Our fee includes all filing obligations with the Revenue Commissioners and the Companies Registration Office.  We notify you of all filing deadlines, and give you the peace of mind that all tax obligations are completed. We agree a fee with you from the outset so there are no surprises when the invoice is issued.  We provide a monthly direct debit facility to spread the cost of our services throughout the year.  We provide a seamless transition from your previous accountant.  We provide expert advice on a consultancy basis as and when is required.

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