Many contractors trade through a private limited company.

We provide company formation services to get your company up and running and registered for taxes.

The many tax and Companies Office compliance issues can be confusing for a new contractor. And dealing with bookkeeping tasks in the evening after a long day or catching up at the weekend can be tiresome for the busy contractor.

Contractor companies need to keep proper bookkeeping records, file VAT returns, run payroll for the directors, file annual corporation tax returns and an annual return to the Companies Registration Office (CRO). Generally, owner/directors must also file annual income tax returns.

We work with many contractor companies to:

If you are changing accountant, we provide a seamless transition, where we deal with all the paperwork.

If you want to get your evenings and weekends back and ensure you are meeting your deadlines, talk to us about our contractor services on 021 240 9120 or email Orla Linehan on

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