Company Formation

We offer a company formation service, meaning that we can take care of filing documentation with the Companies Registration Office and registering your new company with Revenue for all the relevant taxes.

All you have to do to get started is:

  1. Choose a unique company name 
  2. Choose at least one director for the company
  3. Choose a Company Secretary

If there’s more than one director, one of them can act as company secretary.

You’ll also need a registered office for the new company. This is the address that CRO post and official legal notices will be sent to. It’s also the address to which we’ll send your company seal. It can be your accountant’s or solicitor’s address if needs be.

Once you have these details decided, we’ll be able to take care of the paperwork, and have your company formed in a matter of days.

You’ll get everything you need with our Express Company Formation:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Company Name Check
  • Tax Registrations
  • Company Constitution
  • Share Certificates
  • Company Documents by email in PDF Format
  • CRO fees included
  • Company Seal

Get in touch with us today to speak with us about forming your company.

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