How Employees can claim Tax Refunds

PAYE taxpayers are entitled to various tax credits and reliefs depending on their personal circumstances. Many of these credits are already taken into account when you receive your net wages.

However, some of these credits and reliefs need to be applied for each year such as relief for medical expenses.

The Revenue allows you four years to claim for refunds.

Tax Credits and Reliefs

Relief for medical expenses: doctors’ fees, prescription medication and many other health expenses qualify, with the exception of routine dental and opthalmic expenses. You cannot claim for health expenses which were covered by your health insurer or a health authority etc.A full list of tax credits and reliefs and details of the claim forms can be found on

  • Service charges: domestic waste disposal, domestic sewage disposal and domestic water charges paid in full and on time in the previous calendar year. (2011 is the last year for claiming this relief.)
  • Rent: you can claim relief for private rented accommodation up to certain limits.
  • Trade Union subs: a tax credit of €70 is available for Trade Union subscriptions paid in 2010, regardless of the actual amount of the subscription paid. (2010 is the last year for claiming this relief.)
  • Flat rate employment expenses: certain trades and professions can claim flat rate expenses which have been agreed between Revenue and employee representatives.

PAYE Anytime

A convenient way to claim your credits is through PAYE Anytime. If you haven’t received one already, you can apply for a PIN. The PIN is sent by post so it will take about 5 days to arrive. With this system, you can apply for the most  common credits, enter your medical expenses, apply for refunds and transfer credits between spouses. You can also view your tax record and correspondence with Revenue.

You can also contact Revenue on the PAYE LoCall number.

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