All You need to know about Local Property Tax

The Local Property Tax (LPT) is a tax payable on the market value of residential properties. A return is due if you held a property on 1 May 2013. Depending on the market value of your residential property, you will pay a different amount of LPT. The return can be filed on paper or online and there are a number of payment options. Exemptions and deferral options are available.

The Cycle to Work Scheme

The Cycle to Work Scheme was introduced to encourage employees to cycle to work. It offers a tax incentive to employees and employers whereby the employer purchases bicycles and equipment for employees without it constituting a benefit in kind. Employers and employees can also agree a salary sacrifice to cover the cost of the bicycle and equipment.

eWork Your Way to Tax Benefits

Do you work full time or part time from home and only occasionally visit the office?

Are you an employer and want to provide equipment to your employees so that they can work from home?

As well as the work/life balance benefits and time savings, there are many tax benefits to eWorking.