Bookkeeping for small businesses can often fall to the business owner, who is already stretched for time. Dealing with bookkeeping tasks in the evening after a long day or catching up at the weekend can be tiresome for the busy business owner.

If you want to get your evenings and weekends back, talk to us about our bookkeeping service. We can post your sales invoices, purchases invoices and bank transactions; prepare your VAT returns and even provide monthly management accounts if required.

Our service is mainly tailored towards clients who can scan and upload their purchases invoices and receipts. If you have a lot of paper receipts, we can recommend an external bookkeeper to you. We agree a fee with our clients from the outset so there are no surprises when the invoice is issued.

Call us today on 021 240 9120 to see how we can free up your schedule so you have more time to run your business (or kick back at the weekends).

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