P60 Replaced by EDS

Employees no longer receive a P60 at the end of the year from their employer. The P60 was abolished at the beginning of 2019 as part of PAYE Modernisation. From …

PAYE taxpayers are entitled to various tax credits and reliefs depending on their personal circumstances.

How Employees can claim Tax Refunds

PAYE taxpayers are entitled to various tax credits and reliefs depending on their personal circumstances. Many of these credits are already taken into account when you receive your net wages. However, some of these credits and reliefs need to be applied for each year such as relief for medical expenses. […]

Tax relief on medical insurance.

Tax Relief on Medical Insurance

Many of you may know that tax relief is granted at source for medical insurance (such as VHI, Quinn and Aviva). This means that the amount you pay your insurance provider has already taken tax relief into account. However, if your employer pays all or part of your medical insurance premium, you may be entitled to tax back. […]

Social welfare payments.

Paying tax on Social Welfare Payments

The short answer is, if social welfare payments are your only source of income, probably not. However, if you have other sources of income, such as an occupational pension, it could bring the social welfare payment into the tax net. […]

Registering a business name

How to Register a Business Name

In this post, I will outline the circumstances where a business needs to register a business name, how to register the name and what you need to do when you receive your business name registration cert. If a business trades under a business name which is not the registered name of the company or the name of the owner (if a sole trader) then the business name should be registered with CRO. There are separate forms for sole traders, partnerships and companies and specific requirements on the display of the business name. […]

VAT rules for Trade in the EU

VAT rules for Trade in the EU

Intrastat is the system for collecting statistics on the movement of goods (not services) between EU member states. The information is used by various government departments, economists and financial institutions. There are two separate Intrastat requirements. All VAT-registered traders must include details of goods to/from EU on the VAT3 return. Larger traders must complete a more detailed monthly return. […]