Changing rates and the introduction of new charges make it difficult to calculate the correct taxes and pay your employees the correct wages. There are several different taxes and charges including income tax (PAYE), employees and employers PRSI and the universal social charge, each with their own method of calculation.

We will eliminate the stress and risk of calculating these ever changing rates of tax and charges.
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How we will help you

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[dropcap type=”bulletpoint” background=”#1555c4″][/dropcap]Register new employees
[dropcap type=”bulletpoint” background=”#BB2727″][/dropcap]Issue payslips directly to staff by PIN protected email
[dropcap type=”bulletpoint” background=”#1555c4″][/dropcap]File the monthly P30 returns with Revenue
[dropcap type=”bulletpoint” background=”#BB2727″][/dropcap]File annual P35 return with Revenue
[dropcap type=”bulletpoint” background=”#1555c4″][/dropcap]Keep track of holidays taken
[dropcap type=”bulletpoint” background=”#BB2727″][/dropcap]Issue P45s and P60s
[dropcap type=”bulletpoint” background=”#1555c4″][/dropcap]Arrange for the payment of employees automatically from your bank account
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Peace of mind

Our payroll service gives you the confidence to run your business knowing that wages will always be processed correctly and confidentially.

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Free Initial Consultation

We offer a free initial consultation meeting where we present our wide range of affordable accounting solutions and discuss the services you require.

Contact us today to arrange your free no-obligation meeting.

Telephone: 021 240 9120

Save Money with the Cycle to Work Scheme

The scheme offers a tax incentive to employees and employers whereby an employer purchases a bicycle and equipment for an employee without it constituting a benefit in kind.

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Reduce Mileage and Subsistence Expenses

A business can reimburse its employees and directors for certain motor and travel expenses without the deduction of tax provided certain conditions are met.

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