Whether you are a freelancer, contractor or running a small business, we will look after all of your annual company compliance.

We will regularly monitor your tax and company’s office deadlines, and meet with you at the end of the year to discuss the final accounts. We will work with any accounting software, spreadsheets, and even manual records.

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How we can help you

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[dropcap type=”bulletpoint” background=”#1555c4″][/dropcap]Compile your company statutory financial statements
[dropcap type=”bulletpoint” background=”#23AC32″][/dropcap]Submit corporation tax return
[dropcap type=”bulletpoint” background=”#1555c4″][/dropcap]File annual return to the company’s registration office
[dropcap type=”bulletpoint” background=”#23AC32″][/dropcap]Plan tax efficient salaries and prepare annual P35
[dropcap type=”bulletpoint” background=”#1555c4″][/dropcap]Calculate VAT return of trading details
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Reduce Tax

One of our aims is to minimise your tax bill. When preparing your company’s corporation tax return and the directors’ income tax returns we will strive to reduce your tax liability including planning the salaries of directors to ensure that taxes are minimised.

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Free Initial Consultation

We offer a free initial consultation meeting to discuss the services you require and we always follow up with a written quotation.

Contact us today to arrange your free no-obligation meeting.

Telephone: 021 240 9120
Email: welcome@fidelia.ie

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Many companies are required to attach audited accounts to their annual returns under the terms of the Companies Amendment Act, 1986. However, an exemption from audit is available for small companies.

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A guide to formatting invoices and letterheads

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